Thursday, August 9, 2018

Deal of the Day - White Star Galaxy Edition PDF

As the stars aligned above, the White Star Galaxy Edition found itself on sale.

Yep, today's RPGNow Deal of the Day is the White Star Galaxy Edition. Normally 10 bucks in PDF, for one day only it is half the price - 5 bucks.
Ace Pilots, dead-eyed Gunslingers, and irrepressible Star Squirrels blast off across the stars to save the galaxy from the horrors of the Void! Hellfire Mecha march across the battlefield, leaving carnage in their wake! From the galactic center of Omega Consor to the Manrash System on the edge of the universe, the galaxy needs heroes! 
Endless galactic adventure awaits you in White Star: Galaxy Edition! Integrated and updated to include material from White Star and the White Star Companion, White Star: Galaxy Edition integrates new rules, new options, and expands the original game. Now more than just a tool box, White Star: Galaxy Edition offers you a universe full of thrilling adventure! 
White Star: Galaxy Edition includes: 
  • Twenty-five character classes!
  • Complete rules for Starship, Vehicle, and Mecha combat!
  • New Starship and Vehicle Modifications!
  • New Aliens and Creatures!
  • New Equipment, Advanced Technology, and Cybernetics!
  • New Meditations and Gifts!
  • Two new forms of Mysticism: The tribal Etchings of the Yabnab and strange Chitterings of the Star Squirrels!
  • New Optional Rules, like Deeds Dark & Daring, to add pulp sci-fi heroics to your game!
  • New Star Systems: The rugged Marnash Sector and strange Scuiridae System! 
White Star: Galaxy Edition is compatible with all previous White Star products and can be seamlessly integrated into White Box and other OSR material!
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  1. I am interested in White Star Galaxy Ed. How are personal combat, vehicle/starship combat/Mecha combat handled in terms of speed/range? Are concrete or abstract speeds/ranges used? Does the game assign various shipboard activities/positions use and importance to involve more PCs in starship battles?


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