Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Tavern Chat Podcast - Episode #7 - NTRPG Con is in Two Weeks

So, literally right before I was about to record today's episode (NTRPG Con was not the initial topic to be discussed) I was pinged on Discord. I was asked if it were possible to drop in on my Saturday Game. Of course, I said "sure!" as I loathe to turn anyone away from my table. I also asked "what time?" because I had no idea when I was running anything.

Heh. Well, that schooled me. I'm running Mouth of Doom Friday / Saturday / Sunday at 9 am each day. Swords & Wizardry Light will be the rules. Characters created at the table unless you have one from last year's NTRPG or this year's Gary Con, in which case bring them along. Survive two sessions and you'll level up :)

When I'm not running games I'll likely be around the Frog God Games Booth.

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