Thursday, May 24, 2018

Sale - InfiniBadger Press - 66% or more off of All PDFs

The sales just keep on coming. Here's a really deep one from: 
InfiniBadger Press is celebrating its 4th birthday by doing a massive sale on our digital products!
EVERYTHING digital is priced at 66% of the MSRP from NOW until May 31st, 2018! 
Have you been looking to pick up Polyhedral Dungeon, Through Dungeons Deeper, or even the just-released The Little Book of Adventuring Classes vol 1? Well, now you can for mere dollars! But only while this sale is on! 
Also, look out for The Little Book of Adventuring Classes vol 2, which will be published by the end of the month! 
Thanks for supporting InfiniBadger Press and small press publishers. You rock!

Jason Paul McCartan
Chief Brock
InfiniBadger Press

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