Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Trials and Tribulations of Your Tavern Keeper

Yesterday, Rach and I splurged on early birthday gifts for each other - we bought iPad Pros. Although we use Google Pixels for our phones, we both have iMacs for our desktops and we thought it was time to step back to iPads for out tablets.

We are both immensely happy. Expect some Youtube Live / Facebook Live streams in the near future.

This morning, when surfing before my caffeine intake, I had a notification that my Adobe Flash needed an update. I should have paid more attention. 10 minutes later, my search engine/homepage was hijacked across browsers and I had some additional malware installed.

Now I own an actual paid for OSX antivirus. It took three hours to return shit to normal. Macs are not immune.

Sure, I should have known better. Sadly, I fell for the "just say okay" many of us fall for.

In any case, all is back to normal and I'm just a wee bit embarrassed.

More gaming post coming up ;)


  1. It happens. FWIW, I rooted out Adobe Flash entirely from my system a few years ago and have never looked back.

  2. I love my iPad Pro. It’s great for drawing and illustrations! I want to get the new one in 12.9 inches though.

    1. Yeah, we couldnt justify the 12.9" one. The 10.5" isnt so large as to not be portable - i think the larger one become a laptop.

      I did go for 256 GB on mine though ;)


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