Thursday, May 24, 2018

Boot Hill 3rd Edition Goes Print on Demand

I never owned Boot Hill 3rd Edition, just the 1st Edition. No clue what the changes are. That being said, it's nice to see these classic rules available in print again.

9.99 for the PDF, 21.99 for the Print plus PDF for Boot Hill 3rd Edition.
Two rows of unpainted wooden buildings face each other across the wide, dirt street. A signboard creaks mournfully in the hot wind. Down this track rides a lone figures, tired but alert. His boots, hat, and buckskin jacket are alayered with dust. But the ivory-handled revolver on his hip is spotless and cool. Neither a beacon nor a threat, it's simply there, a part of the man.
Drift back to the days of cattle drives, dance halls, range wars, and gunslingers. The BOOT HILL Wild west role-Playing Game lets you relive the grand adventure of the American Frontier. It's a wide open land where a man with strength, determination, and courage can carve a place for himself.
This 3rd edition of the classic BOOT HILL game is thoroughly revised and updated.
  • It includes:
  • Fully rounded characters with over 60 skills to choose from;
  • Revised rules for shootouts and fistfights emphasizing quick thinking and quick action;
  • Extensive campaign guidelines plus historical background and a timeline of the Old West;
  • Two historical gunfight scenarios plus numerous short adventures;
  • Fold-out maps of Promise City and the surrounding territory.
Note on the Softcover print-on-demand book: The maps are included as separate pages in the back of this version of the book. If you intend to use the maps at your table it is recommended that you purchase the PDF + Softcover combo and print the maps from the PDF.
Yep, that's an affiliate link above there partner. Now, why don't you buy your bartender a sasparilla? 


  1. I'll have a milk...

    :looks around:


  2. 1E was the yellow pamphlet. 2E was the box with the card game dispute, and was 1E on steroids with a number of additions (I was a co-editor on it). 3E was a significant revision of mechanics with more role-playing emphasis (3E was primarily Steven Winter). We'll both be at NTRPG and for the price of a few beers we'll happily debate the differences and tell tales. :) --Allen Hammack

  3. Played a lot of Red Dead Redemption recently, and that inspired me to hunt down and find a PDF of Boot Hill first edition. I'm gosh darned pleased as heck to hear about this official POD version. First Star Frontiers, and now Boot Hill?! Can Gang Busters be barrelling down the pipes?!

  4. I got my print copy new. We only played once, in a oneshot. For some reason, all but one of us forgot to take any riding.


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