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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Mad Ox Host Quits Live on Air (Marcus King / #ConManKen)

Here's the link to the six minute video:

Seriously, watch it. It is eye opening and simply amazing.

Now, this is the same Jason that Marcus praised earlier this week:
My plan for the Little Monster location was to close it, but my new partner (JIM), wanted to keep it open, so we tried. But, MOST of what I acquired by merging with Little Monster was their inventory, and their customer base, and their manager (Jason, still works for me, does a great job)
He mentions Kenneth that was fired - this is NOT Ken Whitman.

The woman that shared the video -  is an ex-gf of Ken Whitman.

Here a screenshot of the original share:

and then, there's this:

I'm guessing Jason isn't going to get a good reference from Marcus...


  1. Man, all it takes is one bug bomb and the cockroaches scatter...

  2. Why does WhitDawg and Marcus look like the same person?

  3. HAHAHAHA... That was AWESOME!!! Best way to quit ever!

  4. Damn, that was something. Good for him, and best of luck with new ventures!

  5. I actually laughed pretty hard at this because it's so perfectly captures that moment when you decide to leave a really crappy job. Like you can see him going through the motions of his job while something else is clearly working out in his head.

  6. Marcus King made many other false statements that original post. Either half-truths or lies are what Marcus King does. He then posts these things on Facebook where he has enough sheep to believe him and give him the pity he's looking for.

    The comments made by Marcus King at MadOx about Jim, the former partner who quit about two weeks prior to that, are total lies. He did not want to keep the store open.

    He screwed Jim over and now tries to change the narrative saying that he was the victim.

    Jason Stephens told everyone exactly what you are dealing with at that store, and just like expected, Marcus King tries to come across as a martyr. He's not. He's just a bad man who pretends otherwise.

    I hate posting stuff like this on the internet because it's silly nonsense in many ways, but when someone's reputation is put to question because of lies. Jim isn't going to get into a flame war on social media. Not his style. So I'll do it for him, because he deserves better than that partner he wound up with for a year or more.

    1. Thank you for the insight. I suspect everybody here knows exactly what kind of person Marcus is. I personally wouldn't believe anything he said if his tongue came notarized.

    2. For those of us without the facebooks can we get a pic/copy of what was being said about Jim and Jason?

  7. Makes me revisit my idea of opening a comic/game shop. I don't need a significant profit margin; I'd just want to do it so that I could have some awesome people working for me. I'd treat this guy like a star.

  8. I want to know what costume shop Marcus bought that beard at. He should get his money back.

    1. I was thinking the same thing! It looks like my toilet brush.

    2. I've seen his real salt and pepper grey beard multiple times in photos that he has posted on Facebook, so he has either taken to dyeing his beard or he has glued something to his face. It looks really unflattering.

    3. Whether or not it's real, IMO that STYLE of beard (i.e., a full beard worn without a mustache) looks pretty foolish on anyone who isn't actually Amish.

  9. Attendance issues are a very good reason to fire someone. Other than that, more power to this dude.



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