Saturday, April 28, 2018

News from Steve Jackson Games - New The Fantasy Trip Logos for Melee and Wizard

In the Better Late Than Never category of gaming news, it seems I missed Steve Jackson Games releasing the new logos for their The Fantasy Trip Melee and The Fantasy Trip Wizard games (for those that missed the announcement, Steve Jackson regained the rights to The Fantasy Trip late last year.

Coming soon(?) to a Kickstarter near you (around 15 bucks each for 2 mini boxed games)


  1. Sweet. Still have the original games. One set in shrink still and one well played and used. This set was actually my first dip into the world of RPGs.

  2. TFT, at least in its early versions, was simple enough to play out a couple of games over lunch hour with just enough detail to keep things interesting, and it fit on a small map. This style of game has seen a resurgence in recent years so it sounds like a good time to reboot TFT.


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