Friday, April 27, 2018

Kickstarter - Sometimes the Kindest Act I can do is Nothing at All

I've mentioned this before but I get multiple requests each month to look at pre-release Kickstarter pages to offer my critiques (which I am generally happy to do so as time allows). This generally picks up as the weather gets warmer.

Those numbers pale to the number of requests I get asking me to post about this or that Kickstarter. I get requests through my Blogger Contact form, email, and even PMs.

Apparently, it's well known that I cover Kickstarters. Sadly, it doesn't mean that folks bother to check what kinds of Kickstarters I cover. It also doesn't mean that I cover each request.

I've had one Kickstarter open as a tab on my browser since I got the request last weekend. Sure, its pretty, but the video is annoying and, more importantly, it's NOT the type of RPG I'd likely find myself playing. There is nothing bad about its presentation but there is nothing that hooks me. If I'm not going to be looking to spend my hard earned cash on it why would I suggest my readers do so?

Would a post at The Tavern make or break its funding? I doubt it. But if I'm not excited about it my readers won't be either. Of course, I'd probably wind up focusing on the annoying video, the lack of community comments and the fact that the genre it appears to be trying to accomplish has already been done, very successfully, by another publisher - via Kickstarter of all places.

So I do nothing. Or, at least, post nothing directly about this project and others like it. Somewhere, someone is getting frustrated that nothing has appeared about their passion project. They were told, quite specifically, to make sure their project got covered at The Tavern and still nothing.

Sometimes the kindest act I can do is nothing at all.

This doesn't mean folks shouldn't send me links and reach out to me to look at pre-release pages and what not. It's just a reminder that the service I provide is for my community, not for the Kickstarter creators themselves. The currency involved is the good will and positive feedback from The Tavern's readers and I value it all.

I really do need to do a series of Tavern Kickstarter Tips posts ;)


  1. Start charging for your advice. You provide a valuable service. Serious creators will have no trouble paying. I'd start at $50 for a review and $150 for an in-depth critique.
    As far as coverage in the blog--charging may get squicky for various reasons. One approach might be to make it abundantly clear, again and again, that anything you cover is something you find uniquely worthwhile, and that means a lot of stuff won't get covered.

    Your work over the years has earned you the right to do this.

    1. While I appreciate the kind words I could never charge for a review. It takes objectivity (and legitimacy) and makes it appear as if its for sale.

      However, a series of posts: Tenkar's Kickstarter Tales & Tidbits is certainly possible, as would be a collected version of such posts for sale on OBS or what not.

      Of course, I'm still waiting for the obligatory "who the hell goes to Tenkar's Tavern to read Kickstarter critique or advice?" comment ;)

    2. Hear, hear! We come here for the straight opinion - once $$ from project owners is involved, that would start to be questioned. I'm going to make a 'tip jar' donation right now. . .


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