Monday, April 23, 2018

Free OSR Rulesets - Fantasy - Mongoose RuneQuest 1 SRD (Doc and PDF)

The Mongoose RuneQuest 1 SRD is available in .doc format (for ease of house ruling) and a spiffy cleaned up PDF.

The editable version of MRQ1 SRD with additional resources:


Luxury PDF of MRQ1 SRD:



Other Free OSR Rulesets - Fantasy 


  1. I love this ruleset! So close to RQ 2nd ed from Chaosium. Perfect system to tide one over until Chaosium reboots the game later this year.

  2. Having read some of the Mythras (RQ6 with the serial numbers filed off), it looks like the Mongoose version has a lot of the same concepts explained better. And the SRD puts things like the different kinds of magic together in one place. The main reason I never got too into the Mongoose game was the sheer number of (albeit thin) books you had to get to make it a robust system.

  3. Ooh, look, here's something based on the MRQ SRDs, even closer to RQ2! (You need to scroll right down to the bottom of the page.) ;-)


  4. We played MRQ 1 for quite a while and enjoyed it. It's a very solid intro to BRP-style games and the skill system is a bit quicker to figure out than the RQ3 counterparts.

    I had a lot of the supplements but they always felt like they were written by people who didn't talk to each other.

  5. Chaosium's statement on the MRQ OGL: https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/9809-just-a-reminder-there-is-no-ogl-for-brp-rq-or-coc/


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