Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Kickstarter - Its Not Pencil Dice, Its a Pen WITH Dice Within!

I would have missed this without one of the Taverners sending me a link to The Dice Pen (with Standard Dice and CCG Dice).

Not Pencil Dice. No, its a pen with dice within. Small d6 or micro-small d6.

Besides the fact that I probably can't read dice of this size very well, at least without picking them up to look at the number, which kinda defeats the purpose, how long will the ink actually last?

They offer a CCG Dice counter option, but not a FATE dice option. Weird.

10 bucks a pen, which is probably better priced and more useful than Pencil Dice. Thank God Ken never thought of this...


  1. This would be much cooler if they were mechanical pencils. Who uses pen when playing RPGs?

    1. I do, but that's because I like to live dangerously ;)

  2. If there was a set of mini-polyhedrals, I'd be all over it.

  3. I'd buy it if it was DCC funky dice.

  4. They have sold similar pens filled with D6 at Vegas tourist shops since I was a kid at least. No innovation here unless as others have mentioned they do a full set on Polyhedrals or something.

  5. I see more & more gimmicky rpg kickstarters like this; what we want is quality content!


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