Sunday, October 1, 2017

Deal of the Day - Book of Lairs for 5th Edition

I really like Kobold Press and their various releases. They may write for later editions of "the game" but they seems to be well rooted in older editions.

I'm pretty sure Book of Lairs for 5th Edition will work fairly well with most OSR games with simply conversions. Heck, six bucks for 24 lairs / adventures complete with maps and hooks? I'll buy that for any system.

Who am I kidding? Many of you will run it in straight up 5e. I swear, kids these days ;)
Book of Lairs brings you 24 great one-shot, monster lairs for 5th edition! Each of these exciting and unusual battlegrounds comes with a complete short adventure, including a hook, area hazards, tactics, and treasures, and many use monsters from the Tome of Beasts. Stage your 5th Edition fights in unforgettable locations like: 
  • Alchemist’s Guildhall
  • Necromancer’s Cistern
  • Clockwork Tower
  • Den of the Rotten Kings
  • Lost Halls of Everforge
  • A Pirate Cove
  • Crypt of the Warlock
  • Citadel of the Void Dragon
  • A Dark Grove
  • Lost Fane of the Serpents
  • Branches of Yggdrasil
  • Tomb of the Scorpion Prince
  • Sky Stairs of Beldestan
  • Imperial Ghoul Outpost
  • Umbral Vampire Lair
And 10 more!

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  1. Picked up a couple of the other Kobold designs bits while I was there!


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