Saturday, October 7, 2017

Open Letter from "Poo Poo Face" to #ConManKen

This is an open letter to #ConManKen. 


No, I'm not going to talk with you on Facebook Messenger.

Why is that? Let's see, you've threatened me with lawsuits, federal and local criminal charges, having the FBI pick me up at home... really, you've run the gauntlet. It was all bullshit and empty threats. I know, you are used to bullying people when you can't charm them. Neither works on me.

What you haven't done is:

Complete even ONE of your outstanding Kickstarter obligations.

What you have done is:

Now you are making some vague sort of threat?

Kenny, please understand. So long as you keep attempting to separate honest folks from their cash, I will be watching your every move and reporting what is relevant to the gaming community. We'll, I'm not exactly watching your every move. But folks you have fucked over in the past are. Friends. Coworkers. Maybe even the guy fixing your toilet. They all feed me info on your latest money making scams.

Then there is Not Another Dime, probably one of the best investigative websites on the net these days, and its devoted solely to you.

Do yourself a favor, your backers a favor, everyone a favor - complete your obligations. Really, is it so hard? I mean, from what I can gather from Not Another Dime you probably made 50k under the table recently. For that you could at least get some Pencil Dice completed.

Oh, and stop trying shortcuts. They never work.

Yours in medias res,

Poo Poo Face


  1. Petey wont even threaten me anymore.

    I feel so lonely. :-(

  2. I really just want to see him complete ONE of his obligations, even if it's just the pencil dice.

    Just.. something...

    But then Hell would likely freeze over....

  3. Word is he's been paying employees under the table, below minimum wage.


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