Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Tavern Post 7k - Past, Present & Future

7,000 posts. My God but that snuck up on me. I knew it was coming up, but then I posted earlier this morning and I saw we were at 6,999. Just one post away from 7k, which is this one.

First off, I want to thank all of you, the readers of Tenkar's Tavern. I had a creative writing teacher in my college days and his advice has stuck with me all these years later: "You don't write for yourself, you write for an audience. Without an audience you may as well be masturbating, and there are easier ways to masturbate than writing." You might not agree with the above statement, but the meaning is clear - without an audience words aren't read and if they aren't read, were they even written?

You are my audience. You are the reason I post daily, multiple times per day. I work for you. You may not like everything that gets posted here at The Tavern. Some may even quite vocally disagree - and that's okay. If everyone is pleased with everything I write I'm doing something wrong. If you disagree and come back, I'm doing something right. Hopefully you all come back ;)

The Tavern is very much a living thing. Focus has and will change over time. Thanks to our readers and Patreon backers we are offering weekly content. This month I will be writing a free adventure to be posted here.

New OSR releases, new gaming related Kickstarters, keeping thieves and neer-do-wells feet to the fire, gaming news, thoughts, occasional rants and guest posters, gaming content, giveaways, OSR Christmas and more. That is what The Tavern is in words. But it is more than simple words. It is a Community.

The Tavern's Discord Channel has surpassed 220 members. The Tavern's Facebook Community is about 30 members short of 1900. I can't begin to express how privileged I feel, to be both a member of the OSR at large and The Tavern's Community in particular.

Does the future hold another 7,000 posts for The Tavern? I sure as heck hope so :)

Remember, Go for the eyes Boo!


  1. Hooray for the Tavern!

  2. Well, I keep coming back, soo . . .

    Here's to the next seven thousand posts!

  3. You've been providing a fantastic service to the OSR community for years. Congratulations, and more importantly, thanks!

  4. Congratulations and thanks for being a great news hub, Erik. Here's to many many more!


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