Monday, March 20, 2017

Pocket Creatures Volume 1 is Live on RPGNow - PWYW So Grab a Copy

Yep, Pocket Creatures Volume 1 is LIVE! Seems the process itself confused me and I missed a step in the submitting process, so it looked submitted but it wasn't. I'll know for next time. Which may be soon, as Volume 2 is ready to go ;)

Its PWYW, so really, there is no reason not to grab a copy.

Its for Swords & Wizardry Light but compatible with all the OSR systems.


  1. I am curious were you inspired bu the movie "Howell's moving/Magic Castle" for your title page art? Because the tavern reminds me of it in a way.

  2. "They say it's third arm" should read "they say its third arm". Same thing with "it's hit roll" later.

    1. actually caught that in the 5 days it took to go live - corrected in the updated PDF - now i just need to figure out how to update the file at OBS...

    2. think i just did an update...


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