Saturday, March 25, 2017

Gary Con - Breakfast With the Devil and Goodman Games News

+Venger Satanis and I had breakfast together this morning. It was a great time and he awesome company. Now I just need to convert V to Swords & Wizardry Light ;)

Goodman Games had a few announcements today:

-The Lankmar Kickstarter is live. Heck, its funded almost immediately.

- B1 & B2 - Classic adventures from Basic Dungeons & Dragons will be reprinted faithfully to their original releases AND converted to Dungeons & Dragons 5e,



  1. Did Venger show you how to eat breakfast like a fucking boss?

    1. Hey, what's that purple sauce on your pancakes?

    2. Hey, what's that purple sauce on your pancakes?

    3. Hahaha! We both took down our omelettes like a pair of fucking bosses.

  2. ​Ok, cool, and I would love them to release them as original 1st Edition as well, but with restored stuff that may have been left out, like the tower pictured on the back of the original B1 and corrections made. New stuff, such as more NPC's, encounters and expanded maps, to expand both modules a bit and more artwork added in, perhaps in 2 versions, one with the original black ink and white style and one in the modern colorful realistic looking style. I'll also pledge on the Lankhmar Kickstarter, at least the pdf for now and maybe get print later on.

  3. Light and Dark/Good and Evil - quite the pair! Definitely in for the Lankhmar KS - I think that'll be three Goodman projects pending for me. . .

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