Friday, March 24, 2017

Behind the Table and More - Gary Con

I'm gob smacked by the amazing people I've talked to at Gary Con and there are still 2 days to go. I know some folks say "pictures or it never happened, so here are some pictures ;)

Behind the Table
Pacesetter Games

The Original +Doug Kovacs 

Mutated +Jim Wampler 

+Lloyd Metcalf , Where is your hand?

+Bill Webb Holds Court before the inevitable Total Party Kill...


  1. It does look great.
    Hope to see you all there one of these years (or at NTRPG Con).

  2. I like Bill's halo in the last photo

  3. We totally didn't TPK in Bill's game, btw. One fatality about 10 minutes into play and that was it :)

    1. The gods smiled on us. Bill's dice were the coldest I've ever seen. Part of me wants to bring him spare Sets of Giant Dice (of Slaying?).

  4. This makes me miss cons so much. I hope to be able to be there one day.


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