Sunday, March 19, 2017

A WTF!?! Kickstarter - Dungeons and dragons: the whispering ring

There is SO much wrong with the Dungeons and dragons: the whispering ring Kickstsarter (and yes, that is the exact title of it.) Let's see, where shall we start?

1 - Maybe the damn title itself? You can't call it Dungeons & Dragons (or Dungeons and dragons - its the same shit)

2 - Look at the pic above. Look at the spine of the book. Yep. Can't miss it, can you?

3 - Anyone want to take a stab at editing the pic below?

I count at least 11 edits needed. I may have missed one and I'm not counting awkward grammar.

4 - Kickstarter charges between 8% and 10% in fees. Something doesn't add up:

5 - Read what I highlighted below:

I thought the problems with universities and unprepared students were unique to the US. The person that is running this Kickstarter is graduating university in the UK and this is how they present their best, most professional side while begging for money using another company's property.

Hasbro shouldn't even bother with the takedown, as this won't even fund.

I needed this right before Gary Con ;)

edit - in the time it took me to type this post, they edited the title and the main graphic - doesn't change the piss poor editing...


  1. No D&D tagged images on the Kickstarter (At least not any more). Wow, my eyes are bleeding at what I'm reading though.

    "The risk is the lack of funding other then that I can still produce the book but without a extra high standard and visual Content if we reach the strech goals."

    I'm assuming that this is a threat.

  2. Oh...and of course

    First created · 0 backed

  3. I think this person would benefit from learning the basics of grammar instead of trying to Kickstart this...thing.

  4. I was the one who messaged him and told him to take down all the trademark stuff. I also had to explain what trade dress is and what the OGL is... wow, just, wow...

  5. This strikes me as someone trying to get people to buy him software. Because, 3D modeling is an essential part of writing a RPG module, right? He's apparently never written one before, but how hard can it be? It's just like WoW, but in text. And he sends texts all the time.

  6. Really?
    Apart from the barely averted C&D...
    TWENTY quids for a PDF with 3D art?
    Not even Monte Cook...

  7. (also: my eyes bleed for the poor grammar...)

  8. I just read the actual KS page. It's worse than I thought. There are words on the page, but they make no sense in the order they are presented.

    "D20 is your scenario dice (things that happen realting to a chart) this is what creates your improve value"

    See! Those are words. I recognize them individually, well, most of them (wince). But, they don't... You can't... It's not...

    And, speed run? Speed run a table top RPG? Really?

  9. Reads like english not first language and a way to score software im reminded of a few years back when design and editing in books crashed as amateurs with indesign and poor writing published lots of books. Nothing even slightly appealing in this cliche filled mess.

    1. He's threatening to unleash this mess on the world, even if it doesn't fund.

      "The risk is the lack of funding other then that I can still produce the book but without a extra high standard and visual Content if we reach the strech goals."

  10. You can still see the original title in the URL. But... damn.

  11. Apparently, a conifer plays an important role in episode 1. That should be exciting....

  12. "at the moment all this content is being created at my university however I finish this year"

    I recommend he sign up for an additional year.

  13. The information about the KS keeps getting reduced further and further. His discussion of goals and stretch goals (reflecting that NOTHING had been written yet) has also vanished.

  14. Now it isn't even 5th ed compatible under the OSR...especially if one looks at the flashing image of the character sheet. I don't know as this guy has ever played D&D....perhaps he just thinks people will buy any old thing?

    I'm almost feeling sorry for this kid.

  15. Failed my save. Not sure what it was against, but I failed it. Brain hurts. -1 for any check. Feel the need for a "lie down". Hope it doesn't last to long. Even coffee isn't helping....

    Please contact next of kin. Use available funds to settle account(s) at the Tavern.

  16. I keep thinking of a video I watched on YT the other day. It was an episode of Modern Rogue, a spin-off of Scam School. They were talking about the type of scam that includes the "Nigerian Prince" kind. One of the points they made was that the horrible broken English was intentional. It's meant to cause a read flag to smart people, and to let stupid people feel that the person is talking on their level.

    I'm beginning to think that this dude didn't actually want REAL role players, with actual knowledge of actual role playing, to find this KS. Because we will, well, do this.


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