Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Kickstarter - Fosc Anansi - RPG Adventure Module - 1E & 5E

Fail Squad Games / +Lloyd Metcalf is back with another project. This time it is Fosc Anansi, an adventure that will be published with 1e & 5e stats in the same booklet.

So, what exactly is Fosc Anansi?
Help us bring the next Fail Squad Games adventure module to print! This is a REVISED edition of the copy produced for RPG Crate in January 2017. 
It will be published including: 
1E/OSRIC AND 5E rule sets in the same book
52 Pages
Unique monsters and challenges
1E and 5E character sheets
The writing, illustration, layout and editing is FINISHED! We just need your support to take this project to print.
If you haven't checked out Lloyd's work yet, you really should. Top notch art and excellent ideas and execution. He's hit the mark with every project too - on time or early.

Softcover is $15, hardcover is $20. Signed and numbered hardcover is $35 - just a few left.


  1. Weird, I got a hardcover copy of Fosc Anansi through RPGCrate in January. Nice module. I was going to do a review of it at some point.


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