Friday, March 3, 2017

Kickstarter - The Tavern Companion (system neutral)

A sourcebook for taverns. What could be more appropriate for The Tavern to peek at than a book about taverns in RPGs? That's right - The Tavern Companion.

A few things stand out right away:

- The funding only runs for a week. There are five days left as I type this

- The reward is in PDF only and there is only one pledge level (although you can back for more for some extras)

- The pledge level is a single British Pound - about $1.24 USC. Want to name a bar patron? Toss in another pound.

- Looking to raise a modest goal of 500 pounds, they've raise 307 pounds. Not bad at all.

- Its a book about taverns. I mean, common! heh
The Tavern Companion includes: 
A list of 25 Tavern names with heaps of flavour text; designed to be dropped into any game, anywhere. Ensuring that no Dm/Gm can get caught off guard by players deciding to swing by a tavern in an uncharted part of the world.  
A series of 100 quest hooks and rumours that can be heard within any Tavern. Perfect for sidequesting or distracting unsuspecting PC's away from their main objectives. This can be used as a D100 table of Tavern noise and hubbub or use it to drum up some minor story arcs and side quests.  
Ten fully fleshed out rough and ready NPC's complete with flaws and quirky personalities itching to meet your players! This comprises a list of bar staff, bards and patrons to fill your taverns with character! 
What's a Tavern without a fully stocked bar? We've thrown in a list of fine beverages from hearty dwarves ale to delicate elven wines complete with price lists. The highly trained, self taught innkeepers and bar staff will recommend your players the finest tipple to accompany their next quest. 
Its a buck twenty four. Really - and damn bargain.


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    2. Already done: https://rpgcharacters.wordpress.com/2009/09/23/random-house-of-ill-repute/

  2. Hey, whoa ... product bias alert! :-)

  3. Hmm, they show a nice big hardback but that's future 'ifcome'. (?)


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