Monday, February 27, 2017

Gareth Sharka - Still Stirring Shit on Twitter 5 Years and Going Strong - Far West

Hey Gareth! Fuck you!

Sorry for making it personal for my readers, but telling folks that haven't asked for refunds that they can't bitch and complain pisses me off. Why?

Five months ago Gareth told us there would be no refunds until release. So, why ask for something that isn't going to happen.

Or did Gareth misspeak. No, he's not a lawyer, so it must be something else.

Are there refunds? Are there not refunds? Are those that are partially refunded still allowed to complain?

Keep your lies and stories straight. It helps in the long run when your are fucking backers over. All you are doing is trolling yourself.

I'm eagerly awaiting this supposed announcement later this week:


Can't comment, can only view. Echo Chamber in full effect. Feel free to comment here Gareth. We don't block, edit or delete comments or views we disagree with. Explain your position. Make sense of the disconnect between your statements. Salvage what little you have left of your rep.


  1. "Don't let yourself get played by trolls."

    I'd say it's about five and a half years too late for that, at least for the people who backed this five alarm clusterfuck.

  2. Maybe he should have thought about putting his head down and getting to work a few years ago.

  3. All the legit Kickstarter guys should sue Gareth for defamation of character.

  4. In any of the updates, has he ever discussed what sort of rules or mechanics are in this game?
    Is there even an inkling or a shred of evidence that any work has actually been done on this game?

    1. He released some early chapters to backers, IIRC, but nothing containing actual rules.

  5. Mostly due to too much time on my hands (which is okay - *I* don't have any backers), I looked up the project. Average refund would be about $68. Of which Gareth received about $57 in the first place. Ten of those in a week would really screw up the average middle class American's cash flow, and a month at that rate would usually be ruinous. Because we know this guy burned the money about 5 years ago, give or take. Kickstarter really needs to force backers to have some sort of financial plan in place before they'll let a project solicit funds. Open display of the numbers would at least allow some honest due diligence.


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