Thursday, March 2, 2017

S&W Light Micro-Adventure - Born as Two, Die as One - Tim Shorts - Patreon

I've been supporting +Tim Shorts Patreon since... forever. Tim does excellent adventures with full color maps (often laminated) that are prefect for dropping into your campaign.

Since December of last year, Tim has been writing his adventures using Swords & Wizardry Light as the ruleset of choice (Tim - I have an update to SWCL - drop me a message and I'll send to you)

Its really exciting watching the ruleset you authored get used in someone else's projects.

Above is a pic of Tim's latest. Just got it in the mail a few minutes ago. It feels like Christmas :)

Check out Tim's Patreon - you won't be disappointed.

edit - damn keyboard always wants to spell out "Time Shorts"


  1. I love supporting Tim's work. He's fantastic!

  2. Thanks for the shout out Erik and your support.

  3. For anyone who might forget what real American values are, Tim Shorts and his Gothridge enterprise will kick you right in the teeth. This guy creates, starts, FINISHES and delivers fantasy settings with imagination and near-professional rendering. It's like a killer guitar riff or boobs-on-a-trampoline or all the traffic lights are green today, fella . . . an awesome surprise. He earns the bucks and keeps the gears turning. America: Finish something.


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