Thursday, December 1, 2016

Kickstarter - Old World - Leather Gaming Mats for RPG Metal Dice Rolling

I know what some of you are thinking: "Who the hell needs a leather mat to roll dice on?" You, my friend, do not have metal dice in your dice collection.

I love my metal dice. There is something powerful about them. The feel, the weight, the look. The huge sound as they hit the wooden table and the divots they can leave in the wood. Yeah, not always so good.

I got my metal dice, and a dice rolling tray, from Easy Roller (excellent quality BTW) but I would have opted for a leather mat instead of the tray had I know it to be an option.

Why? Because just like metal is "cool" so is leather.

Which is why I'm dropping $29 plus shipping for a 9" x 12" leather mat from the Old World Leather Gaming Mats KS. Its the right size to be nicely portable, the price isn't too bad and it just looks cool. The 12" x 19" seems like it might be a bit large to be truly portable ($49 - but it comes with a leather dice bag)

We'll see how well they do at hitting their January 2017 ship date.

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