Saturday, December 3, 2016

Kickstarter - Fantasy 1" Grid Dungeon Tiles for Tabletop RPGs (Flat Terrain)

Its strange. Up until this year I never really thought much about terrain or grids or battlemaps. Sure, I'd grab the latest Dwarvenite compose set, but that was more for me to play with than to use in play, if that makes any sense.

Two things chance my perspective on visual aids in game - playing in a regular, face to face, twice a month game has reminded me of the importance of visual aids AND my niece using Dwarvenite to build dungeons at the not quite age of six.

Here's my issue with terrain - its a pain in the ass to move for storage to gaming. Heck, its a PITA to store. Oh, and it isn't cheap.

Tiles, on the other hand, stack. They store easily. They are less expensive than 3 dimensional terrain and they serve the same purpose.

Which leads us to the Fantasy 1" Grid Dungeon Tiles for Tabletop RPGs Kickstarter. The only thing its missing is tokens for doors, stairs, bookshelves and the like. But since you can use wet or dry erase markers, that really isn't an issue.

The only issue I see is "how many sets do I order?" I set is 20 bucks for 30 tiles (1 set), 38 bucks for 2 sets, 54 bucks for 3 sets all the way to 104 bucks for 7 sets - yes, you get much more bang for your buck if you invest in more sets. And it is an investment, as the more you own the more use you will get from it.

Oh, and the tiles are double sided, with the obverse being a blank piece with no walls, just flooring.
Create awesome maps for your epic adventures with these beautiful 4x4" double-sided adventure tiles made of wet and dry erase compatible, high quality chip board. Each tile has walls to show a variety of hallways or room configurations on one side, and an open room with no walls on the reverse.
I'm tempted to drop in for 7 sets of Dungeon Grid Tiles. I certainly have enough unpainted minis to get use of it ;)


  1. I love the Blue Dungeon Tiles from Red Kobold Games. I got the pre-printed stuff from the Kickstarter (it is awesome), but they do have a print-your-own option on DTRPG (http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/137849/BDT-DM-AddOn-Layered-pdf--RKGDM1?manufacturers_id=6552)

  2. I backed it too. Nord Games has done a good job with the products they have put out so far. I also like that these are double-sided. I'm curious to see what the other types are when they unlock.


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