Monday, November 28, 2016

A PWYW Release You MUST Download - Black Pudding #1 (LL) - Do Eet Now!

Oh my fucking God! I thought I had seen every type of zine under the sun. Heck, I'm even working on one to support Swords & Wizardry Light.

Black Pudding #1 blows them all away. If any zine in the OSR has the right to say "This zine goes to Eleven!" this is the one. It has attitude. It has art. It has... it has the OSR by the balls ;)

It's PWYW, but trust me, you will want to pay.

Just download Black Pudding. It is, dare I say it? - fucking awesome!

Here's a piece of one of the OSR styled character sheets. Want the full thing? Download it!

From the blurb:

Glorping and shlorping along, the Black Pudding zlorts upon your party! What do you do? Read it, of course. This is an OSR-style zine of RPG goodies rendered in a highly visual style. Within these 24 ooze-soaked pages you'll find magic swords that make cuts no one can heal, monsters that shoot gold pieces, black knights, catgirls, chainmail chicks, and evil temples!


2 character sheets

7 character classes

2 one-page dungeons

9 monsters

1 book of new spells

8 NPCs

House rules and tons of art!

Remember, all purchases using The Tavern's OBS affiliate links puts 5% of your purchase price into The Tavern's coffers. Don't leave that money on the table for the greedy corps! Tip your barman!  ;)


  1. Thanks, man! Much appreciated. Issue #2 already on the table...

  2. Thanks for bringing this magazine to my attention. There is some pretty awesome stuff in it. Very Creative and original.

  3. Wow, this zine in awesome. Love the style and feel of it. Would totally subscribe for a print/pod copy.

  4. Thanks for featuring this. Definitely has some awesome stuff in it. I also really like the style. I also think I'm going to rename my gaming group the "Loin Grinders." That has to be the best class title ever.

  5. Thank you for sharing. This is is amazing.

  6. This is pretty freaking awesome. Loved the Witch class (of course...) but the others are fun as hell too. The character sheets are fantastic.


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