Monday, November 28, 2016

Last Chance to Snag RPGNow Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals

As I type this there are just over 13 hours left in RPGNow's Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale. If you have stuff on your virtual wishlist, it is now or never.

Here's some last minute ideas:

OpenQuest 2 Deluxe - $12.75 - Built of the OGL of Mongoose RQ (later Legends) this seems very reminiscent of Chaosium RQ2 if you ask me, and that's a good thing.

OpenQuest 2 Basic Edition - Free - try before you buy, this is a stripped down but fully playable version of the above.

Call of Cthulhu 6th edition - $16.34 - do I really need to explain what this game is about? It isn't whether you go insane, its how soon...

Numenera - $16.99 - might actually be playable if you have someone clean up the watermarking for you.

Starships & Spacemen 2e - $5.48 - Star Trek Classic Series w/o the serial numbers.

Mutant Future: Revised Edition - $5.91 - Gamma World clone

Bloodshadows: Fantasy-Noir RPG (Third Edition) -$ 12.71 - pulp adventure with dark fantasy and noir stylings

Bloodshadows (OpenD6) - $8.46 - see above

Remember, all purchases using The Tavern's OBS affiliate links puts 5% of your purchase price into The Tavern's coffers. Don't leave that money on the table for the greedy corps! Tip your barman!  ;)

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