Thursday, October 27, 2016

Help Save a Cat - Maybe Win some signed DCC RPG!

Guest poster +David Baity 

Hey everyone. I had planned on selling this elusive gem of a book for some time now, but a visit to the local PetSmart a couple of weeks ago gave me a better idea.

Three ladies run "KitsnKats Rescue" a no kill shelter for all things feline in my area. I've walked by these folks countless times in the past, because seeing homeless cats always kicks me right in the feelz.

A lot of us own shelter pets, and as I was picking up litter, I started wondering how many of us would have never met our awesome fuzzy companions had someone not of taken their own time and money to keep them alive.

I immediately walked back to the entrance, grabbed a buggy and proceeded to fill it with food to purchase with the intent of leaving it for the shelter.

The astonished look on their faces was a little odd to me until I learned they really don't get much in the way of substantial donations. These three wonderful ladies travel to shelters that put animals down, and actually take the sick ones home, along with those with little chance of adoption. They feed and shelter them in addition to taking them to the Vet, just so they have a fighting chance.

I've made the decision to return with food and litter once a month to continue helping out. One way I'm doing this will be to auction off something I have that you might want 😋 which is why I'm putting this limited edition gold foil book up for grabs as my first sacrifice to all things moggy. It has a little wear on it, and some signatures from special folks who make DCC so special for us!

I'm asking for PayPal donations in the amount of 1.00 for a chance to win it on 10/31 where I'll randomly determine the winner. Multiple dollars will increase your odds, and I'll figure out a fair way to pick a winner by the end of the month. Every penny will go to KitsnKats rescue, and I'll share a pic of the loot I drop off when I make the trip.

Donations can be made to:




The Baconne Veezard 

Back to your bartender. I'll sweeten the deal. The Tavern will match the first $100 in donations made by members of this very generous community. Just post your donation in the comments below. On the off chance The Tavern gets the prize in question, we'll give it away to a random member of the community (US Only - the book is a beast and shipping is a killer outside the states)

Our very own Ashley is a shelter cat, and she endorses this message!

Erik Tenkar


  1. Got two shelter cats of my own so how could I not support this?

  2. Just sent them a Fiver. I know that feline rescues don't get much in the way of resources unlike the canine ones. My wife and I have worked with large breed canine rescue for decades and nothing beats the kindness of strangers. We once had someone donate a 700+ USD front wheel cart for a mastiff missing a front leg. Nothing asked in return. People can be awesome.

  3. According to PayPal "You've sent $5.00 to MysticMousers" :)

  4. Count me in too. My own shelter cat, Moo, approves.

  5. I love seeing this cause intersect with one of my favorite hobbies. I sent $5, saved from the allowance of the four shelter cats and three former strays that I share a home with.

  6. As soon as my cat Squanto read this he had me immediately go and donate.

  7. $5.00 sent, always glad to help as I can. All three of our cats are rescues or shelter adoptees.

  8. Awesome idea! My sister runs an animal rescue, primarily cat-oriented as well: http://www.furrynationsalvation.org/

    Sending some pay-pal your way!

  9. Forgot to add my donation in the comment above(for Tavern matching!)... Sent $20 to MysticMousers.

  10. All my animals (cats & dogs...living together and defying the natural order) are rescues. We participate locally with a no-kill rescue also. Causes like this hit me right in the feelz so there is no way I could not help.

    I sent $20 to MysticMousers also.

  11. Great cause !! Happy to donate. $25 sent.

  12. I've already sent my matching $50 in the name of The Tavern.

    Keep it coming lads and lasses. It's a good cause :)

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  14. My wife and my two cats both came from shelters or vet rescues. A worthy cause to support without question. $5 sent in.

  15. Another 10 bucks here. I forgot what I donated the first time.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I'm in, but dont cont me for the raffle, I live outside the US


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