Friday, October 28, 2016

State of The Tavern's Barkeep - Sleep, Sinuses and More - Oh My!

Sunday night I passed out before 9 PM. Never even woke when Rach came to bed. Got up at 6 AM, made us breakfast and promptly slept again until 11 AM. I should have known something was going on.

Monday I had uncle duties starting at school pick up. All seemed fine until Monday night, when I had stomach cramps. Middle of the night run to the rest room and I was simply up from 330 AM to 8 AM. Fell back to sleep and had an immediate dream that was so f'n real - I was awake 15 minutes later in a sweat. It was similar to being naked in front of an audience, but I was clothed, it was a con, and... eh, never mind. Back to sleep until about 11 AM again.

This has been much of my week. Normality mixed with seriously annoying stomach issues. I'm putting my money on allergies and bad nighttime post-nasal drip being the root of my stomach issues. This too shall pass.

Did I mention the allergies have made me extra dopey?

Good news is I've been getting plenty of rest. Bad news is it's been in 2 to 3 hour blocks...

If you have been trying to reach me and I haven't responded, ping me again. Sooner or later I'll see it.

Got up at 530 AM today. Probably heading back to bed at 8 AM. Wheeeeeee!  heh


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