Sunday, August 28, 2016

Announcing the Swords & Wizardry "Sage" - Official Answers for Your Swords & Wizardry Rules Questions

It's time to announce the Swords & Wizardry "Sage", it's my new hat. Yep, I'm the one that gets to answer your questions regarding the Swords & Wizardry Complete rules (and S&W: Light rules when they release). Now, we all know that Swords & Wizardry is more about rulings than rules and that is pretty much what we'll be doing - making rulings. They aren't going to be binding rulings, as it is your game and your table after all, but we hope that by offering to answer questions we'll make for a smoother gaming experience for all.

Notice I said "we". My plan is to find answers with precedent when possible in earlier editions of "the game. When that isn't possible, and the answer is elusive, +Matt Finch has agreed to be our sounding board and final arbitrator when needed.

Now, "Sage" is just the working title. Just as we are finalizing the details of where I'll be hanging my hat (probably multiple locations - here at The Tavern, over at the Frog God Games website, Facebook, more locations coming to a city near you) we need a proper title FOR such hat.

So, instead of "Sage", what shall be call the position? Comment away and we'll pick the one that strikes our fancy the most. The chosen one will get a marvelous No-Prize and a signed copy of Swords & Wizardry: Light sent anywhere in the world. You know, once it's done, edited, laid out, printed and I get my copies. Patience ;)

See, lots of Swords & Wizardry announcements in the past few days. It's a good time to be an Old School Gamer :)


  1. Because there's already a column called "Sage Advice" for 5e, I'd avoid Sage. I'd go with Oracle, since the answers of the Oracle at Delphi were usually cryptic and prone to multiple interpretation, which fits with Ruling Not Rules.

  2. Swords & Wizardry Savant!



    Arcanum Keeper

  3. Oracle is Magic the Gathering though, so... how about Ask A Chat Room

  4. Oracle was good, too on bad about the tie to MtG. Savant isn't bad.

  5. No suggestions ... just congratulations on yet another accolade.

  6. In keeping with the standard meme, let's stick with Taverner (or Barkeep).

    Head the posts with the title: Tapping for Insight

    Tapping references that you are building on the previous reservoir of knowledge that has come before. And Insight reinforces that the answers given are friendly advice (though grounded in solid logic).

    It allows us to belly up to the bar and explain our problem, while you draw us a cold one, and share your advice, without being in the position of dictating an iron clad course of action

  7. Tribal Elder, High Justice, Arbitrator or Mediator.

  8. Tribal Elder, High Justice, Arbitrator or Mediator.

  9. Tavernkeeper seems appropriate ...

  10. Why make this complicated? There should be two of you, one called the Swordsman, the other called the Wizard.

  11. how about mutherfucker with the biggest sword?

  12. What is this - HackMaster? Am I the only one who thinks this kind of goes against the old school ethos? Advice, suggestions, opinions... it's all good. But not rulings, even non-binding ones.

    1. "Now, we all know that Swords & Wizardry is more about rulings than rules and that is pretty much what we'll be doing - making rulings. (((They aren't going to be binding rulings, as it is your game and your table after all))), but we hope that by offering to answer questions we'll make for a smoother gaming experience for all."

      It appears someone didn't comprehend this correctly they aren't rules but likely the base interpretations of rules or suggestions if that makes you feel better. As was stressed it isn't the only answer.

    2. I might add that discussing the rules and having an open forum about the rule set no matter how "inane" and old school the rules are also adds to the game community and is actually a good thing to have to help the game become bigger or more friendly to newcomers.

    3. I'm in no way disparaging rule discussion - only rule authority, aside from the individual Game Master, of course. But hey, if I'm the only one, then pay me no heed.

    4. The great thing about Erik is if you don't agree then you can argue your point without hurting his feelings with the expectation that this will hold true for readers as well. There is no "pansy-ass need to be in my Safe Space" kinda thing going on here. After it is a blog, so it can never have any real authority anyway.

    5. V - some folks prefer guidance. Some questions arise because the rules are murky (the question arose on the S&W FB Community about demihumans and class choices, and if the choices indicated as open are only for multi-class characters)

      No one is saying " THIS is the answer for your campaign!" it's more along the lines of "if you are not sure how to rule, we have a suggestion"

      Like the Shadow Frog says, my moderation is virtually non-existant - disagreement that leads to discussion is more than welcome, it's expected.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Because it's you, Erik, I'm not too concerned. I think you'll handle the role well. You've guided gamers before and you'll keep at it - this time with a title. 9 out of 10 people offered and accepted such a position would be corrupted by the relatively small amount of power.

  13. In keeping with the S&W theme and using both sword and spell: the Bard of Blackmarsh...? You could also add a proper name, such as "Tenkar, the Bard of Blackmarsh" or something.

  14. To keep with the tavern theme (and murdering the English language in the process):
    Tankardous Theoretologist

  15. Arbiter
    (Rule) Lawyer
    S&W Sheriff

  16. I know what I would call myself if I were going to do something like this ... "Idiot"

    Yea, self deprecating, but then, I come from a place where S&W is about as simple as it gets. Anything needing more than a "What seems to work best for you and your campaign? Just use the first answer that comes to mind and see if it works. If in doubt, invoke the Rients rule of 1-2!" .. type of answer would probably not work for me.

    So... "S&W Idiot" or "Towne Foole" or some other self-deprecating name that you feel comfortable calling yourself. Because, really... if yer gonna call yourself a Pontentate, Imma laugh my ass of :D

  17. Savant, or Augur...His August Augur

    Can geomancer be used in this contact?



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