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Friday, June 3, 2016

Chuck's Dragons - Benefit Adventure for Chuck Wright is Now Available

Chuck's Dragons, a benefit adventure for Chuck Wright, art director for Frog God Games, released earlier today at NTRPG Con.

If you are at the con, you can pick up a copy at the Frog God Games table in the main ballroom. It comes in Swords & Wizardry, D&D 5e and Pathfinder flavors. Unsigned is $30, signed is $100. All profits go towards Chuck's expenses for medical and physical rehabilitation.

If you aren't at the Con, you can grab a copy at the Frog God's webstore, which also offers a PDF version for $15.

It's for a good cause and you get to own an adventure written by +Bill Webb and +Matt Finch .

For those that donated to the GoFundMe and are waiting on gifts, Monday and Tuesday of this week a bunch of emails went out. Many more  will go out when I return from NTRPG. No one to blame for the delay but me.

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  1. Nice! This is the first look I've had at the printed version.


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