Sunday, May 29, 2016

Polyhedral Dungeon Hits Silver on DriveThruRPG - I Get to Play it Tonight!

Polyhedral Dungeon hit Silver over at DriveThruRPG last night (still Copper over at RPGNow) Pretty exciting for a game that I was getting sneak peeks during the creation.

Even better, +Jason Paul McCartan is running a session of PD tonight so I'll be able to post a "play review", hopefully before I head to NTRPG Con.

Gonna be another hot one in the Poconos today. Time to head out for a heart attack breakfast ;)


  1. I read the game and it seems cooler than ice in a freezer.
    Can't wait to give it a try.

  2. Is this another D&D rewrite or something new?

    1. It's a completely new game system, but plays to D&D tropes and then tweaks them. Completely customizable. Think of it as a modern approach to playing B/X. A follow-up supplement will give lots of advanced rules that include splitting species and class, as well as lots of granular options.

  3. Let us know how the game went. I'm running TBH on Free RPG Day, but this one is on my radar as well. Perhaps something I'll bring to the table when I don't have enough of my core 5e players show up for a session.

  4. Have a great game. Hope the breakfast was yummy.


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