Tuesday, June 7, 2016

As We Near 500 Members at The Tavern's Facebook Community, We Now Have Free Membership Cards

When I say "now" I actually mean, now ordered. These are extra thick business cards with +Dirk Stanley art on the front and a small piece of +Del Teigeler art on the back (I still need to upload Del's art into the banner rotation)

These will be numbered consecutively, with your name or online handle on the bottom left. Patreon backers will get the first numbers (it's around 42 right now) and then it will be first come, first served.

There will be no charge for the cards. I'll send them anywhere in the world. They're thicker than credit cards with a matte finish, so they should stand up to some abuse.

I was trying to figure out some way to say "thank you" to all the fine members of the OSR gaming community, and this just seemed like a fun way to do so.

I should receive the cards in about a week.

You'll need to email me your mailing address and the name you want on the card. Send the info to tenkarstavernDOTcommunityAT that gmail thing. Yep, brand new email for a brand new way to share our community.

edit - 502 members as of 1115 PM, Tuesday June 7th 2016


  1. Oh I want one!

    Do you have something we can toss on a blog sidebar?

    1. for what purpose?

      to advertise the community?

      the free cards? ;)

      let me think on it...

  2. Awesome!
    Do we get a discount on drinks with the card?

  3. What is the email I send the request for a membership card to? Thanks!

    1. tenkarstavern DOT community AT that gmail thing (trying to avoid scrub bots that harvest emails)


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