Friday, June 10, 2016

Over 200 Tenkar's Tavern Membership Cards Requested - And I Can't Send Bulk Emails - Doh!

So, I learned last night that Gmail won't allow me to send bulk BCC emails. Not 190 at a time, not 10 at a time. Which means I'm sending out nearly 200 emails one at a time, to inform folks of the bennies currently secured and to give an overview of the bennies currently being worked on.

(One of my next steps is to include a page here at The Tavern listing the current bennies)

It's also letting them know that they will be receiving an invite to the Tenkar's Tavern Community Google Group, as THAT will allow me to send group emails out (as it requires an to "opt in"). In truth, this is probably a better solution for keeping members abreast of new deals and discounts as they arise. I don't THINK you need a Gmail account to be invited to the group but who the hell knows.

I'm almost halfway to sending out the emails and then I'll start sending out the invites to the Community Group.

If you signed up for a card and need the Gamehole discount code, email me at I'll send it to you.

To think I almost only ordered 250 cards.

I'm humbled by the response. I'm figuring those requesting cards at this point are looking at 2 to 3 weeks before they get them, longer for overseas. I'm finding there's a number of gamers in the NYC area (prime attendees for a Pub Con) and Taverners from all over the world.

Don't have a membership card for Tenkar's Tavern? Why not? It's free. Really. I will mail you a physical copy anywhere in the world. What does it look like? It's pictured to the right of this post.

Note - We have over 200 requests and I'm still waiting on delivery of the cards. (I won't have an accurate number until I do the spreadsheet, as some emails requested 2 cards - couples - and a small number of requests were made via Facebook IM)

You'll need to email me your mailing address and the name you want on the card. Send the info to tenkarstavernDOTcommunity AT that gmail thing. Yep, brand new email for a brand new way to share our community. Your email may be used to offer you savings and other such exclusives to Tenkar's Tavern members and will NOT be shared with anyone.


  1. If you want a suggestion for the longer term, you might want to use a service such as Mailchimp; I use those to handle my mailing list, and I've never had a problem with them.

  2. The DARK LORD BLACKSTONE is amused by Tenkar. LORD BLACKSTONE will not destroy the tavern so as long as LORD BLACKSTONE, THE BENEVOLENT receives a membership card post haste. Woe to those who stand before my Xvart and Orc legions! Make due with mine card or my legions will rip the living flesh from your bones!

    Otherwise, LORD BLACKSTONE, THE MIGHTY waits patiently...eating strawberry rhubarb pie ala mode.


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