Saturday, June 11, 2016

Tenkar's Tavern Membership Cards Arrive Wednesday - First Batch Should Go Out Thursday

It's been a busy post NTRPG Con week. I estimate we are around 225 requests for Tenkar's Tavern Membership cards. Holy shit isn't half of it!

A couple of quick things.

If you are a Patreon backer of The Tavern and you want a card number in the first 50, I need you to request your card by midnight, Monday June 13th, 2016. Why? Because I need to enter data into the spreadsheet so I have accurate card numbers before I start filling out cards on Wednesday. I need to get a head start as early as possible. If you are a Patreon backer that requested a card but didn't let me know you were a backer, email me and I'll take it into account.

Do card numbers really matter? Nope. It's all about bragging rights. Those that donated to the cause, with offers of free or discounted goods or services, are also going to get a lower number.

All cards requested in this month will be dated 6/16, so technically you'll all be first issue ;)

I've been asked about replacement cards if lost / stolen / damaged / acts of God / etc. So long as there are cards left, I'll reissue with the same card number. They'll be a $5 donation to the cause for replacements. Now, your first card is free and ships free. Don't lose it.

Google Group invites will start going out later today. Hopefully it will be done by the end of tomorrow. If you don't get an invite by Wednesday, send me an email and I'll rectify it.

I need to add a page at The Tavern that lists all the bennies. The community is extremely generous. You won't be disappointed with the benefits that membership brings.

Don't have a membership card for Tenkar's Tavern? Why not? It's free. Really. I will mail you a physical copy anywhere in the world. What does it look like? It's pictured to the right of this post.

Note - We have about 225 requests and I'm still waiting on delivery of the cards. (I won't have an accurate number until I complete the spreadsheet, as some emails requested 2 cards - couples - and a small number of requests were made via Facebook IM). Requests made at this point are probably looking at 3 weeks from now or so for delivery.

You'll need to email me your mailing address and the name you want on the card. Send the info to tenkarstavernDOTcommunity AT that gmail thing. Yep, brand new email for a brand new way to share our community. Your email may be used to offer you savings and other such exclusives to Tenkar's Tavern members and will NOT be shared with anyone.

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