Monday, March 14, 2016

Real Life Intrudes on the Muse

This is one of those rare days I'm literally at a loss for what to post. Sometimes, the muse does not awake when I do in the morning (er, afternoon for at least 2 more days)

At least, I'm at a loss as to what to post gaming related, but as for life and death, real life, I do have something to say.

My last shift I can damn close to losing someone I know. Not through the actions of another, not through carelessness nor the vagaries of fate, but through his own actions. Intentional actions.

I know very well that threats of suicide are most often calls for help but I've seen too often the impulse succeed before the calls are heard, let alone answered.

Thankfully this morning ended well or as well as can be under the circumstances.

There are places to call, people that listen. Nothing is worth losing a life over. Especially not your own.

These last few days are proving rougher than expected...

(As for the local PD whose actions saved this life, my heartfelt thanks)


  1. Hoping for smooth sailing for you and may they get the help they need

  2. I'm a long time reader who never comments. But I just wanted to say thank you for your service and I know exactly how you feel. I'm on the job too and I lost my lieutenant to suicide almost one year ago next week. Our command still isn't healed or the same.

    I hope that everything works out. Your friend is in my prayers.


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