Saturday, March 19, 2016

Kickstarter - Robert E. Howard's Conan Roleplaying Game


Simply wow.

The numbers raised. Wow.

With just over a day to go in it's funding, Robert E. Howard's Conan Roleplaying Game raised over half a million dollars. Over $500,000 for those that need it in numeral form.

Amazing numbers, and it's not just the licensed property itself that is driving those figures. What you can get for you money as a backer is, quite simply amazing.

For $58 you can get the core book and all the stretch goals in PDF format. Right now, the stretch goals account for 11 112-page sourcebook and adventure books (with more to be added if further stretch goals are met. $87 gets you the core book in print and PDF and all the stretch goals in PDF. I just need the core in Print personally - the rest in PDF is fine and dandy. There are levels to get all stretch goals announce in Print and PDF but I don't see the same value as the $87 level.

Did I mention they are also including the Mongoose D20 releases of Conan to PDF for everyone at the "everything" levels as well as a D20 to 2D20 (the system Conan will be using) conversion booklet. Hell, I'm tempted to use the material I'll be getting in PDF to covert to an OSR system or 5e.

In any case, amazing value to be had and impossible to pass up if you are a Conan fan.


  1. Barring this turning into another Kickstarter failure (I doubt it, but who knows), its this sort of thing that makes me glad Kickstarter exists, despite the Whitmans of the world. Numenera is a great example of something that isnt for everyone, and probably wouldnt exist (and definitely not in its current form) without crowdfunding, but thanks in part to Kickstarter has become a very impressive part of the hobby.

  2. The worst part is trying to choose between the Starter Kit and the Expanded Starter Kit. Do I NEED 6 hardcovers? I don't know, but I'm pretty certain that I DO need the GM screen. Decisions, decisions!

    1. Could be something you can sell the stuff you dont want. I backed the Numenera kickstarter for $160 just to get the signed leather-bound core book, and turned around and sold said book for... $160. So I basically got the entire package for free. But I generally prefer PDFs anyway

  3. Unfortunately the game mechanics seem pretty lame with Doom and Momentum point mini games constantly tearing one out of one's immersion.


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