Friday, March 18, 2016

Tales from the Game Tavern: Issue #3 is Out (System Neutral)

This probably should have been posted on St Patrick's Day, but things have been busy here at The Tavern. Still playing catch up on all things gaming related, Tavern related, other blogs related. Soon ;)

The contents of the latest Tales from the Game Tavern include:

    Ecology of the Redcap: Murderous wee folk that haunt ruined places.

    Sídhe Fungus Gardens: Strange fungi and bacteria of the faerie mounds.

    Crock of Gold: A drop die table for use in your campaign.

    Mr. Tweed’s Spectacles: A mid-level adventure involving a leprechaun.

    Beer Bread: They will be begging for it every game session (mmmmm... beer)

So yes, very St Paddy's Day in flavor. All you need is some green beer.

(edit - no affiliation to Tenkar's Tavern - but a damn cool name for a zine none the less)

Tales from the Game Tavern is 6 bucks in Print and 3 bucks in PDF


  1. Loved #1; just grabbed #2 and #3. Can't wait!

  2. Tenkar,thanks so much for the signal boost! This issue was great fun to write and create.


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