Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Escapist HQ Shuttered - Majority of Staff Let Go

Forbes has an article on the current downsizing of The Escapist website staffing.

As for the move to Seattle, that will be under editor-in-chief Joshua Vanderwall, who appears to be the last man standing.

Quoting the Forbes article:
While Defy is calling the number of employees affected “small” my own source tells me that “Every full-time staff member has been laid off there, from editors to artists to the IT team.”
Damn shame.

For those wondering, yes, it's the same +Alexander Macris from Autarch. Hopefully they can keep paying the bills and rebound in the future.


  1. Why can't this happen to EnWorld?

    1. I suspect ENWorld has much lower overhead. As far as I know their only full time staff is Morrus

    2. er, that was the question, right?

    3. I agree, Fire Umbran 2k16 petition must go out.

    4. RPG.net is still a thing while we are at it...

    5. Why would we want it to happen? If Enworld folds then I'm pretty much entirely dependent on Erik for gaming news. And Erik's cool and all, but a bit biased in what he reports on (i.e. I'll eventually conclude that all gaming is OSR/S&W/White Star and nothing else).

  2. Am I reading these comments right? You're wishing for people to lose their jobs, just because you happen not to like the outlets they work for?

  3. The Escapist never really recovered from the weird impact gamergate had on it....I grew to really dislike the endless flow of negativity over on the site so while it's really a shame people lost their jobs, maybe whatever survives will be more interesting and positive; got enough interwebs negativity already.


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