Monday, March 28, 2016

Tavern Chat is Moving to Wednesdays from 9PM to 11PM Eastern

Mark those calendars. Tavern Chat, where we get together once a week and hangout out with random folks from the OSR and beyond is moving to Wednesday Nights starting this Wednesday, March 30th, from 9PM Eastern until 11PM Eastern.


Originally, when Tavern Chat started, it was held on Wednesday nights. I moved it to Thursdays when my work hours changed and now that I'm retired, we're moving it back. If you've been attending the Thursday night chat sessions, you've probably noticed I arrive late to the chat that I host most nights. Thursday is "let's go out to dinner night" for Rach and I and it often runs a bit late.

As an aside, I'm looking to do a once a month Tavern Chat earlier in the day, possible on a weekend. Give me a little time to set this up.

What is Tavern Chat?

It's where a bunch of folks that enjoy old school gaming get together in a virtual chat room and shoot the shit. It's fun and time flies.

Where is Tavern Chat?

Look on the right side of this page for a chat box labeled Tavern Chat. To log in you use the social media service of your choice.

If your looking to meet folks from around Old School Gaming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week check out The Common Room. 29 publishers and 31 blogs are represented as well as gaming conventions, podcasts, an artist showcase and more. As with Tavern Chat, participation in The Common Room requires nothing more than the social media login that you already have.

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