Saturday, April 2, 2016

Another WTF Kickstarter - Mithlonde (Compares itself to Diablo, Pillars of Eternity, Skyrim and World of Warcraft)

Look at the above screenshot.

Now, look at the sales pitch:

Maybe it's just me, but I'm not feeling it.

Goal? $10k

Amount raised? Why even ask.

Alright, I think the first challenge will be to get this product funded. Assuming it funds (not gonna happen) at $10k, I'd love to see the following challenge met:

His bio says he's a student. I'm guessing freshman - in high school.


  1. When you are raising money you should never say that one of your major challenges will be bringing in the project without going over the budget that you yourself are setting.

  2. I also cringe at: "[w]e hope to be as transparent as possible with any delays or setbacks." Shouldn't the backers be the one's hoping? Do or do not, there is no "hope".

  3. I've seen that map style before. I don't recall where, but it was a free mapping program I know I highlighted once as a Free GM Resource.

  4. Their planning to sell it on their website gee shouldn't worry about funding and development before sales. With crowdfunding being marketing it is just another nail in the coffin.

  5. They're doing it wrong. Correct procedure is: Step one: buy RPG Maker. Step two: design crappy RPG Maker CRPG. Step three: Steam Greenlight that sucker. Step Four: Sell a handful of copies on Steam. Step Five: Watch Jim Sterling or Pewdiepie shred your game on Youtube! Step Six: profit from hipster gamers ironically buying your game because it is bad!!!!

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  7. Its a youngster having a go - he needs help and guidance not slapping down....we were all young once and good on him for giving it a go


    1. Actually, based upon his Kickstarter profile, he's more likely a college student: "A current student interested in history and its sociological value on the modern world. High interest in fantasy, game design, business administration and law as well."

      The high school comment was, dare I say, a joke.

      But really, college or high school, this project like MANY others serves to show the total lack of vetting that ANY potential Kickstarter goes through.

      High interest in business administration when he thinks he can fund a project with paid staff on 10K?

      Sadly, he did a better job at writing this up than many successful creators do. It wasn't full of typos for one.

      As for giving it a go, isn't reality supposed to come into the picture at some point?

    2. You are of course right Erik :) but I guess I was feeling the reality would hit because it would fail to fund...
      And again the point that a first pass sanity check could be being made by Kickstarter themselves on projects...


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