Monday, March 28, 2016

Path of Legends Podcast - Episode 2 is Live - 5e from 1e Eyes

Yep, the Second Episode of the Path of Legends Podcast is here. 

What's in it?
In this very episode the guys tackle the subject of "would building characters the OSR style work with 5e?" in the Adventure Path. 
In Monster Hunters, the Ghoul is talked about, comparing it to the original old school one, how did it differ? 
In What is old, now is new the guys talk about Madness and how you can apply the AD&D 1e Insanity rules to this section of the rules to make your game more deadly! 
Finally, we round off the show talking "The Trap Collection" in Presto's hat!
Grab it on iTunes, your favorite podcatcher or from the Path of Legends website itself. Where else are you going to find Vince, Sal and myself entertaining you?  ;)

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