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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Kickstarter - Ultimate NPCs: Skulduggery for 5e, Pathfinder and S&W - Funding Wraps Up Tomorrow

Yep, the funding for the Ultimate NPCs: Skulduggery for 5e, Pathfinder and S&W Kickstarter wraps up tomorrow. What does that mean?

It's blown away it's $10k funding goal and actually just passed $46k - it is funded and then some with stretch goals adding even more content.

I like sandbox tools for my RPG campaigns. I prefer when my players can surprise me nearly as much (if not more) than I surprise them. Books like Ultimate NPCs: Skullduggery are perfect for keeping me one step ahead of the herd of cats I game with ;)

38 hours left in the Kickstarter as I type this...

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