Wednesday, January 27, 2016

OD&D OCE "Boxed Set" Returns to RPGNow in PDF for 10 Bucks

Before the great purge, when WotC removed their PDFs from the OneBookShelf / RPGNow sales platform, one of my purchases was the Original Dungeons & Dragons OCE Boxed Set in PDF. It was handy, even if it wasn't the cleanest copy. After the purge I wan't even able to redownload a copy if I wanted to.

OD&D is back at RPGNow. I have access to the files again and it's very clean, but that makes senses, as they are using the reprint files for their source materials.

$9.99 get's you the contents of the Original Dungeons & Dragons boxed set, as presented in the reprint WotC did 2 years ago. The booklets have the new covers, not the originals (sadly) but the contents are there.

If you are looking for an inexpensive copy of the Original D&D rules, this is an excellent way to get your hands on them.


  1. I have a hardcopy version from back in the day. It really made me appreciate the well organized basic edition more than anything else.

  2. Holy crap that was two years ago already?

  3. Holy crap that was two years ago already?


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