Friday, January 29, 2016

StarSlinger - Tonight The "B Team" Investigates The Case of the Missing Avionic Bovine DNA (White Star)

Tonight will begin an organic playtest of the StarSlinger setting and rules addendum to White Star with the famous "B Team". Play with the classes, the slightly more powerful stats (bonuses start at 13 and a 17 or 18 are + 2) and of course allow the setting to grow with the player's actions.

Their mission, which will be given to them by the ever luvable lug Kyn Vitmann at The Bloody Leech. They'll need to recover some Avionic Bovine DNA that went missing when it's transport mysteriously crashed without it's transponder reporting in. Now the transponder is working and it's a race to recover the package from the downed transport. All, however, is not as it seems.

I can't map for shit so I'll sketch the map by hand in Roll20 as the sessions progresses.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out :)


  1. I like slightly modified bonuses like that. Expands beyond the +/-1 without breaking anything.

  2. So how does one go about joining in on a game like this, provided he could get the time granted by his wife? :-)

    1. I run the "B Team" sessions about once a month, but they had been on hold due to the new work hours.

      I'll try to remember to post a reminder for any that may seek to join in before the next session.

      Just found out 15 minutes ago I have niece duty today, so this wil be more "on the fly " than initially planned :)

  3. Cool. I'd love to join in sometime. Never done an online game before. I'll look into Roll20 and get it installed or whatever is involved. You guys do the webcam thing?


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