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Kickstarter - 5e Creature Decks (Inkwell Ideas)

If you are playing D&D 5e, the 5e Creature Cards really should be a no brainer. Inkwell Ideas has run Kickstarters for stock art and creature decks before. I've backed them all. I doubt I'll be running a 5e game soon, but if I were I'd be all over this.


First off, most of the art is already done from the previous projects and the art is good.

Second, Inkwell Ideas has a proven record of delivering. They also offer some amazing mapping programs.

Third, I have the prior decks. They are POD via RPGNow and are high quality and should stand up to repeated use at the gaming table.

Ah, who am I kidding? I'm going to get the 5e decks for the new art and the off chance I run some 5e in the future.

Here's the creatures and the decks they'll be found in:

The Constructs, Giants, Humanoids & Undead deck will have:

Constructs (9): Anim Obj - Armor; Anim Obj - Flying Sword; Anim Obj - Rug of Smothering; Golem, Clay; Golem, Flesh; Golem, Iron; Golem, Stone; Homunculus; Shield Guardian
Giants (10): Ettin; Giant, Cloud; Giant, Fire; Giant, Frost; Giant, Hill; Giant, Stone; Giant, Storm; Ogre; Oni; Troll
Humanoids (18): Bugbear; Duergar; Elf, Drow; Gnoll; Gnome, Deep (Svirfneblin); Goblin; Grimlock; Hobgoblin; Kobold; Lizardfolk; Lycanthrope, Werebear; Lycanthrope, Wereboar; Lycanthrope, Wererat; Lycanthrope, Weretiger; Lycanthrope, Werewolf; Merfolk; Orc; Sahuagin
Undead (18): Ghost; Ghoul; Ghoul, Ghast; Lich; Mummy; Mummy Lord; Shadow; Skeleton; Skeleton, Minotaur; Skeleton, Warhorse; Specter; Vampire; Vampire Spawn; Wight; Will-o'-Wisp; Wraith; Zombie; Zombie, Ogre

The Dragons & Monstrosities deck will have:

Dragons (13): Dragon, Black Adult; Dragon, Blue Adult; Dragon, Brass Adult; Dragon, Bronze Adult; Dragon, Copper Adult; Dragon, Gold Adult; Dragon, Green Adult; Dragon, Red Adult; Dragon, Silver Adult; Dragon, White Adult; Dragon Turtle; Pseudodragon; Wyvern
Monstrosities (39): Ankheg; Basilisk; Behir; Bulette; Centaur; Chimera; Cockatrice; Darkmantle; Death Dog; Doppelganger; Drider; Ettercap; Gorgon; Grick; Griffon; Harpy; Hippogriff; Hydra; Kraken; Lamia; Manticore; Medusa; Merrow; Mimic; Minotaur; Naga, Guardian; Naga, Spirit; Owlbear; Phase Spider; Purple Worm; Remorhaz; Roc; Roper; Rust Monster; Sphinx, Androsphinx; Sphinx, Gynosphinx; Tarrasque; Wolf, Winter; Worg

The Aberrations, Celestials, Elementals, Fey & Fiends deck will have:

Aberrations (5): Aboleth; Chuul; Cloaker; Gibbering Mouther; Otyugh
Celestials (6): Angel, Deva; Angel, Planetar; Angel, Solar; Couatl; Pegasus; Unicorn
Elementals (16): Azer; Elemental, Air; Elemental, Earth; Elemental, Fire; Elemental, Water; Gargoyle; Genie, Djinni; Genie, Efreeti; Invisible Stalker; Magmin; Mephit, Dust; Mephit, Ice; Mephit, Magma; Mephit, Steam; Salamander; Xorn
Fey (6): Blink Dog; Dryad; Hag, Green; Hag, Sea; Satyr; Sprite
Fiends (23): Demon, Balor; Demon, Dretch; Demon, Glabrezu; Demon, Hezrou; Demon, Marilith; Demon, Nalfeshnee; Demon, Quasit; Demon, Vrock; Devil, Barbed; Devil, Bearded; Devil, Bone; Devil, Chain; Devil, Erinyes; Devil, Horned; Devil, Ice; Devil, Imp; Devil, Lemure; Devil, Pit Fiend; Hag, Night; Hell Hound; Nightmare; Rakshasa; Succubus/Incubus

The deck of Beasts, Dinosaurs, Plants, and Oozes will have:

Beasts (90): Ape; Ape, Giant; Axe Beak; Baboon; Badger; Badger, Giant; Bat; Bat, Giant; Bear, Black; Bear, Brown; Bear, Polar; Beetle, Fire, Giant; Blood Hawk; Boar; Boar, Giant; Camel; Cat; Centipede, Giant; Crab; Crab, Giant; Crocodile; Crocodile, Giant; Deer; Eagle; Giant Eagle; Elephant; Elk; Giant Elk; Frog; Giant Frog; Giant Goat; Goat; Hawk; Horse, Draft; Horse, Riding; Hyena; Hyena, Giant; Jackal; Killer Whale; Lion; Lizard; Lizard, Giant; Mammoth; Mastiff; Mule; Octopus; Octopus, Giant; Owl, Giant; Owl; Panther; Pony; Quipper; Rat; Rat, Giant; Rat, Giant (Diseased); Raven; Rhinoceros; Scorpion; Scorpion, Giant; Sea Horse; Sea Horse, Giant; Shark, Giant; Shark, Hunter; Shark, Reef; Snake, Constrictor; Snake, Constrictor, Giant; Snake, Poisonous; Snake, Poisonous, Giant; Spider; Spider, Giant; Stirge; Swarm of Bats; Swarm of Insects; Swarm of Poisonous Snakes; Swarm of Quippers; Swarm of Rats; Swarm of Ravens; Tiger; Tiger, Saber-Toothed; Thunderbird; Toad, Giant; Vulture; Vulture, Giant; Warhorse; Wasp, Giant; Weasel; Weasel, Giant; Wolf, Dire; Wolf; Wolf Spider, Giant
Dinosaurs (3): Dinosaur, Plesiosaurus; Dinosaur, Triceratops; Dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus Rex
Oozes (4): Ooze, Black Pudding; Ooze, Gelatinous Cube; Ooze, Gray Ooze; OOze, Ochre Jelly
Plants (6): Awakened Shrub; Awakened Tree; Fungi, Shrieker; Fungi, Violet Fungus; Shambling Mound; Treant

The 5th & 6th deck's exact contents are TBD because it will depend on stretch goals.  We have agathions, additional elementals, imperial dragons, more fey, new beasts, and many others ready to go!  It will have at least 50 creatures, in full color.

Note that the art for the basic animals and insects is mostly B&W and some creatures may be doubled up on one card. (The giant version may be added to the main card for that animal/insect.)

There will also be several extra "lair" cards for some creatures which have lair actions.  This especially applies to the deck that includes the dragons, but several other creatures also have lair actions such as the Aboleth, Kraken, Lich, both Sphinxes and the Vampire.

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