Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Troll Lord Games Does Good - Ken Whitman's Ass is being Salvaged for the Good of the Kickstarter Supporters

I received the following from one of The Tavern's frequent readers. It's a message from Troll Lord Games to the backers of Ken Whitman's / Whit Whitman's / Ken Whitless's / He Who Scams People Out of Money and Then Leaves State's Castles & Crusades: Beyond the River (T.V. Pilot) Kickstarter.
Greetings from Troll Lord Games! 
We are not certain of the status of this Kickstarter, but we’d like to give you a very brief idea of what is going on as we know it. 
Steve Chenault wrote the script for the pilot and submitted it to Ken Whitman last year. 
Initially the script was approved by d20 Entertainment, but for a variety of reasons they could not go with that script and a second, abbreviated script was submitted. This script was also approved. However, soon thereafter this script was set aside for one written by Ken Whitman. A short pilot was shot and sent to Steve. He did not approve the pilot in its form and requested the abbreviated script be shot. 
The unapproved pilot was released, but without the C&C banner attached. 
That’s where things stand. 
We do not know what d20 Entertainment’s intentions are but we do know that you guys have backed a project that involves the flagship IP for Troll Lord Games and you did so in good faith that d20 Entertainment would deliver on said promises. You also did so, because Troll Lord Games authorized the project. 
For that we apologize. And we want to make it as right as we can under the circumstances. 
Here is what we have already done: 
1) All backers should have received the script as promised by the Kickstarter 
2) All those who were promised a Leather Copy of the Players Handbook have been contacted and a personalized leather book has been sent from TLG’s own stock. Those shipped yesterday, so please keep a look out. We know it wasn’t what d20 Entertainment promised, but we hope it will serve. 
Here is what we are going to do: 
1) Everyone is receiving a coupon for $10.00 toward any purchase at TLG’s online store. This does not serve to refund your hard earned money, it is simply a gesture from us to you. Use this code at checkout for the discount: xxxxx It does stack with the ongoing Christmas Sale. 
2) This spring we intend to shoot the second part to our short movie piece To The End. We will list the names of all backers of this Kickstarter in the credits section of Part 2, with a kindly Thank You. Also, Steve will write up a script diary for the shoot and we’ll send you all a copy of his adventures on set, observations and general ramblings. 
3) Anyone who backed at 60.00 or more was supposed to receive a free movie poster. Clearly we don’t have that, but we would like to send you a free poster from our existing stock. You can see them on our store under Merchandise. 
We want to apologize to all of you. We allowed the game we all play and you so generously support, Castles & Crusades, to become enmeshed in someone else’s problems. This should not have happened. We hope that it doesn’t sour you on future possibilities. For those who have seen To The End, you can clearly see what we had hoped would occur with this project and what could very well happen in the future. However, if such a future presents itself we promise an even tighter reign. 
We are not sure how long we will have access to this, so please send any inquiries to xxxx@trolllord.com. 
Thank you.
The Troll Lords


  1. Great guys at TLG. Standup way to help cleanup the Mess of Whitless.

  2. I've always thought the C&C guys were top notch and this just confirms it.

  3. I've always thought the C&C guys were top notch and this just confirms it.

  4. So sad that guy fooled so many people.

  5. I recieved a letter from NY State Attorney General a few weeks ago that they were pursuing legal action against Ken & d20 Entertainment. Might take awhile but I think he's going to regret his actions.

  6. Southern Gamers representing with class and style!

    The Geekpreacher

  7. All of life seems to be a "live and learn" process. Some lessons, unfortunately, suck. I love the product and the people at TLG. Hang in there, folks.

  8. That was pretty classy of TLG to step in and try to make things right. So classy, in fact, that I just bought three more books from them.

  9. TLGs actions shows me that the gaming community is full of awesome and wonderful people. It's not their mess, but they want to do right to the fans and supporters. Massive props to them.

    Kenny W is the complete opposite. After this, I don't believe anyone in the gaming community will ever partner with him knowingly.

  10. The Troll Lords are crazy honorable southern gentlemen.

  11. Yeah, I'm definitely going to buy something from their shop. When I met them at GENCON a couple of years back they were stand-up guys. This only further reinforces that.

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  13. I first learned of the Troll Lords from Mr. Gygax on EN World. Meeting Steve 5 years ago at Troll Con East at All Things Fun! in Berlin, NJ was a great experience. I've been playing C&C since 2006 and greatly enjoy it. TLG's customer service has been stellar in that time and this is but one more example. Trollzah!

    (I missed this news yesterday as I was not on the Interwebz.) Too bad TLG has received the short end of the stick from both KW & Mrs. EGG.


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