Thursday, December 17, 2015

Tavern Chat Tonight - 930 Eastern - Wherein We Talk About OSR Christmas and Stuff

Tavern Chat is Tonight at 930 PM. Right here on this very page. It's that chat box on the right. All are welcome to chat, lurk or do a bit of both.

OSR Christmas should be picking up some speed now that I am off through the night of the 26th. Going to ATTEMPT a Gift post once a day (sometime two) with one or two gift providers per post. Might not hit the stride I'm aiming for but it should be quicker than it had been. We also have some gifters that have snuck in after the wire. Some amazing stuff coming up, some of which I'll preview in the chat tonight.

As for other stuff, I'm making Fridays "days of productivity." Which means The Tavern should be back to posting gaming content. Monsters, locations, NPCs, encounters, White Box, White Star, White Lies and mish-mashes of the above. Tonight is where you can make your requests if you have any.

Note: There will be no Tavern Chat next Thursday, it being Christmas Eve and such. We MIGHT do one Tuesday or Wednesday instead, it all depends on "stuff" ;)

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