Friday, December 18, 2015

If You Had Stuck Around to the End of Last Night's Tavern Chat...

You might have caught the conversation talking about a possible podcast in last night's Tavern Chat. It was out there for all to see.

+Michael Badolato (Bad Mike)

+Zach Glazar (the Lesser Gnome)

+Erik Tenkar (myself)

Off the cuff, no scripts, no mailbags, immature (adult language) and sure to offend most people. Old school gaming as raw as it can be.

Is it a done deal? Of course not. Are we excited? Hell yeah.

Enter to win a Death & Taxes Boxed Set and tell +Zach Glazar you want to hear him on a podcast. Cause you know you do :)


  1. Comments closed on the contest ... durn it. Was going to say something spiffy about getting papercuts from fingering all the boxed set goodness ...

  2. Full disclosure, I was drinking diet coke and whiskey all last night. You say I was on the chat?

  3. This where we enter? Cause I like Zach podcast idea

  4. Why does Zach get credit for the idea? Just because he doesn't drink? Sure, put the sober guy in charge...

  5. Wait. Que? Yall are doing a podcast?? Did I read that right?


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