Saturday, October 31, 2015

What's Your Horror? Games to Run on Halloween

Back in my High School and College days, I made a point of running a proper (more or less) horror session for my players on the weekend closest to Halloween.

Call of Cthulhu, Chill (old Pacesetter boxed set) and even a Ravenloft setting one-shot where the PCs get dragged temporarily into the mists of Ravenloft - the one that was a Pinocchio rip was probably the most disturbing for my players.

I don't do it these days, though I should. Good, or bad horror roleplaying is just perfect for the Halloween season.

So, do you run horror for the Horror-days? What's your go to system, setting, adventure?


  1. For me, it's Cryptworld -- keeping the Pacesetter flame alive! However, I've also run Halloween games of CoC, Nightlife (way back in the day) and It Came From The Late, Late Show (waaaaaay back in the day).

  2. Cryptworld is my go to. Like an undead Chill. Spooky LL, S&S or DCC adventures are a second.

    Getting in to Tropes: Zombies as well. Great stuff from the mind of Sphan.

  3. Just started up my new campaign a couple of weeks ago and we only have 1 session in. I'm on the fence about if I'll run something different tonight. Depending on who shows up, I think I'm going to do a bit of Tegel Manor :)

  4. We've been playing Witch Hunter: The Invisible World for a couple of years now. Great fun and good system for Solomon Kane-esque pulp horror with swashbuckling flair.

  5. SLA Industries, one of the major NPCs is Halloween themed.


  6. Feng Shui 2 - running Big Trouble in Little China, with a little D&D twist on some of the enemies (turned the Guardian into a full-fledged Beholder, added a Mind Flayer and an Owlbear.) for some of the fights.


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