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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A WTF Kickstarter - The Dangerzone RPG (I THINK it's a Computer RPG)

Let me just say this:

Watch the video.

Then look at The Dangerzone RPG Kickstarter page, which purports to be about funding a computer game RPG.

Remember what you saw in the video.

Search the Kickstarter page for any hint of art or graphics from the supposed game.

Pour yourself a shot of Fireball Whiskey. You earned it.

I think the game IS a boob...


  1. I think the BOOBS made the KS and the accompanying video. Although I only watched about 45 seconds of with no sound ;)

  2. It sort of reminds me of this...

  3. That is awesome.

    This is a better joke pitch than most serious pitches are.

  4. That personal 3 day martial arts seminar must be something...

  5. In case you're wondering who would back, I chucked a buck to watch for any updates. The first one is... odd.

    I was also one of the four backers of Fields of Turmoil: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/57634444/fields-of-turmoil


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