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Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Look at The Tavern's Demographics (According to Google Analytics)

I saw +Russ just did this over at ENWorld, and I was curious as to how The Tavern shook out.

Nothing all that surprising. We are a bunch of middle aged, male gamers ;)

(I rounded off the numbers)

1) 35-44   39%

2) 45-54   33%

3) 25-34   19%

4) 18-24     6%

5) 55-64     2%

6) 65+        1%

Male       95%

Female     5%

Then we have some self identifying categories:


  1. What's the human-to-rodent breakdown?

    Are my peeps representing?

  2. There are plenty of us ratkins here :) But as we are under-covered it may be difficult to count us :)

  3. Well they don't know the dog quotient.

  4. Well they don't know the dog quotient.



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